Author Topic: lcd tv-dvd MUVID model TV-2007  (Read 172 times)

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lcd tv-dvd MUVID model TV-2007
« on: March 16, 2017,04:36:26 »
I need schematic (or better service manual) TV that is equipped with this motherboard: B.TD703D 7355. From what I've seen on the net would be something similar to: UMC L15-8, F2200LD FERGUSON, CELLOTP2310F or BUSH LCD 15W08 and a model Thes TL2010-BTP.Problema's TV is not receiving anything on TV ("no signal") no on dvd or scart only blueback.Is powered from an external power supply 12V I measured the voltages on the sources of the bars 5,3.3,1.8 V and all are OK. the SDA, SCL okay ... Is working by  MFY (Made For You) remote control code 244 ( Thes lcd tv), the processor is TDA15021H / N1COO ( NXP) memory 24C16, Does impaired memory? a dump would be useful.I change memory with a empty memory (FF) without success.Thanks in advance, the best regards from Romania!
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lcd tv-dvd MUVID model TV-2007
« on: March 16, 2017,04:36:26 »


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